Poem/Haiku: Enemy that's me

Poem/Haiku: Enemy that's me

Enemy that's me

crumbling within

enemy is part of me

sticking beneath skin

surface looking fine

round cheeks I can hide behind

sandglass losing time

woven, cannot see

cannot separate from the

enemy that's me

I know this is a little negative so I apologise for anyone who needs to read something positive but I wrote this just ahead of my surgery because I was so sure that I had endo. Plus I was trying to learn to write Haiku's.... I am actually quite proud of this one.

Turned out that I was right about the endo so its nice for me to have a simple expression of how I feel about it to read and relate to.

I often write poetry and as soon as I feel somethig positive I will write about it but right now.... I'm feeling low and I thought this blog was a nice and safe place to release these emotions.

I feel it also can relate to any "hidden" illness.. be it mental health, cancer, ME, Crohns disease....

I hope you like it xx

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  • Wonderful! Thanks for sharing this, it really sums up how I feel about this illness and I find great comfort in knowing that I'm not alone.

  • thankyou, that really means alot. I have felt so alone recently xx

  • I think it's really beautiful Crystal Willow, please don't apologise for it! I think it sums up endo and other hidden diseases brilliantly. Sorry to hear you are having a rough time and thanks so much for sharing your lovely poem - hope there will be more? I love poetry :-)

    Take care,

    Carol xx

  • Thankyou so much, I am soon going to start to attend open mic nights and poetry readings so it means alot if people give me feedback om my poems. I actually already have more but I like to pace out my more sombre posts so I'll post them in the future. Thankyou again xx

  • Like your poem as I've got endo, crones and Me or fibromialga. And it's a British culture thing for us not to be allowed to have feelings or air them . Great poem x

  • Thank you xx I definitely think it speaks to anyone with a "hidden" chronic illness and poetry really is a great way of releasing your emotions... I highly recommend it

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