Follow up appointment after no endo found at lap

During my lap of 1,5 week ago, no endo was found. Today I had my follow up appointment and I just wanted to share what has been told.

Over here was suggested that medication could have hidden the endo. I had asked my gyn. about this during the appointment. She said that gnrh-injections (lucrin) could hide the endo, but that it is not the case when using provera. Since I have been on provera for a year, it could not have hidden the endo. She also said that no scars or anything else that could have been caused by "old endo" was found. I had the impression that she knew where she was talking about (she is also a endo-specialist), which re-assured me that no endo was missed.

Unfortunately she could not give an explanation for my pains. Since the provera does reduce my pain a lot (not completely) i was still allowed to continue with it, even though there is no explanation why it is reducing the pain. With the medication I can at least function normally, without it was hardly possible to do that.

Since I also have bladder issues (i thought it would be related to the possible endo), I will still get a reveral to a urologist. Hopefully something can be found there.

In total: i did not get the answers i hoped for, but the pain is under control and next steps will be taken for some possible answers.

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  • Bless ya. So frustrating when not know what going on with our bodies. Hope they manage to find some answers soon for you x Thanks for sharing your story with us x

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