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Sick of the slanted smile and head tilt?

Just wondered if anyone else has noticed this? All my doctors seem to look at me as though I'm a lost cause, you tell them you hurt and that you have endometriosis and they tilt their head on one side, make a sad smile and say "I'm sorry, there's not really anything I can do"

It makes me laugh at first, cause they look kinda funny and I've sort of come to expect it but then it makes me sad cause I just feel like they're not really listening to me They just hear the word "endometriosis" and think, "oh well, it's to be expected"

Sorry, this isn't the most positive of posts, just wondered if it was just me!



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Hi millie , i laughed when i read ur post - im also sick of that look. Its almost like im a pathetic lost creature that cant cope with pain?! Theres been so many times iv felt like screaming at them! They are just rude iggnorant people.. Do they honestly believe we want to pump our bodies full of drugs or sit hours upon hours in their overcrowded smelly waiting rooms?? I think not.. U are not alone hun.. Claire xx


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