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Being sent for a scan but don't understand why, can anyone help?

Hi all

I posted on here a few weeks ago because my pain had become so bad that I was unable to lift or put pressure on my leg. Due to the timing of the pain, my doctor thought it was probably ovulation pain but said that he'd send me for a scan anyway, just in case it's a cyst.

Well, even if it is a cyst, what is the point in sending me for a scan? What will they do? I'm only 6 months post op, surely they won't operate? I'm scared and confused : (

Also, I had my period which was pretty horrific and now the same pain is back and my period only stopped yesterday so I doubt it's ovulation!

The pain basically starts as a little bit of discomfort quite low down and feels a little bit like trapped wind but in the wrong place. It then gets really intense over the course of a few days and feels like I have really really bad trapped wind and like if I could ignore the pain and really push hard then I might pass wind, but would more likely pass out instead from the pain.

It also hurts a bit when I poop now, which it didn't before and I'm getting really worried that it might be something to do with my bowel, which they had to detach during my lap in December.

Has anyone got any idea what's going on inside me?! Lol

I'm getting a little worried :(


Much love

Millie xx

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Oh dear, sounds like your lap hasn't helped much at all. Its worth going for the scan because if they spot anything on that they then know what they're dealing with and can give you the right medication needed (if any). They may suggest more surgery but they know what they're doing so I'd trust their judgement. Good luck! X


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