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Well, all done!!

Finally have answers after ydays laparoscopy!

After the consultant made out I shouldn't be there and it's probably just down to constipation,and that they probably won't find anything it's safe to say she was wrong!!

They found endometriosis on my right side so have burnt that away,then on the left side my bowel and my uterus were stuck together so they unstuck those as well.i also had the coil fitted to help with the endo.i also had the neck of my cervix cleaned.sooo after all that its safe to say I'm fell ring pretty rough today.how long will it be till I can atleast walk a bit more normal.im on strong painkillers every 5 hours roughly ATM.

Just thought I'd update everyone :)

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Glad they found something and they have managed to remove it. Gives me some positive vibes for my lap next week. I'm not sure what to do for contraception/pain relief after mine as I want to start trying for a family just need to save up a little and move somewhere better but will be in the next 6 - 12 months so don't want to take a load of hormones which might take a while to get me back to normal.

I have got my pre op assessment tomorrow so i'll see what they say.

Make sure you rest and I wish you well in your recovery.


That's great news :) my consultant also didn't expect to find Endo with me, he thought iBS and ovulation pain as my periods wernt very painful. He found it behind my womb and scattered throughout my pelvis. He was lovely though, he never said he wouldn't find it just that its only a small chance :) we know best ladies xx


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