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Post hysterectomy symptoms?

Hi ladies I'm now almost 5 weeks post hysterectomy. Operation and healing of wounds has been relatively good but I do however have ureter stents STILL insitu which give me endless weeks of grief and feel that they are stopping me from continuing to recover so an honest opinion of my hyster recovery is being masked. Anyway 2 weeks and they come out..7 months of UTIs gone for good, I hope!!! My question in relation to the hysterectomy concerns my lower back. I'm having alot of dull ache just like a period pain ache is this normal and part of the recovery process. My stents prohibit me from much walking and now this I'm not getting active enough! Could it be the lack of exercise causing the ache?Getting cabin fever now.Thanks for any advice and wish you all a comfortable day ;) xx

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Hi Jalo

As you know a lot of work was done during the op and your body is still gradually healing. Often we focus more on the pelvic and abdominal area rather than the back as that is where we can see the operation sites and the bruising! But with internal organs being moved around then things take a while to get back to normal.

Could it be pain from the ureter stents that is causing the back ache? I guess you will find the answer to that out in two weeks when they are removed? Recovering from a hyst is slow and cautious and its a fine line between doing enough exercise and doing too much. A gentle daily walk increasing the distance gradually may help. But no running marathons now :)

Would it be worth ringing your GP and asking their advice? I am fortunate enough not to have suffered back pain so I cant offer any personal experience.

Hope the pain resolves for you soon

Caroline, x


It's very likely your back pain is related to the ureteric stents. Stent pain can be experienced in the loin, hips, pelvis and back. You may also experience stinging/burning when passing water and see blood in your urine. All the symptoms should resolve one the stents are out.

All the best with it!


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