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What will happen at first consultant appointment since stopping Zoladex

i haven't been diagnosed yet, was put on Zoladex for 6 months which gave a lot of relief well pain went to a 2/3 instead of 8/9 it was lovely. Had my first period well bled Mon and Tuesday of last week then stopped sleepness nights and pain has returned :( 11 days to see consultant do any of you guys know what will be the next step ?

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Surgery is the next step.

If the pain did respond to the drug then yes it is much more likely that it is endo or adeno and you need to be looked at inside with keyhole surgery to confirm the extent of the endo and to excise(cut out) or laser any endo lesions that can be removed, and also cut back any adhesions that might be gluing your organs together, and to check on your fertility if having kids is still on the agenda.

You might want to consider also having a mirena coil inserted when you have the op, as it can be rather sore to get it done without anaesthetic.

6 months is the max length of time for zoladex in a life time for non-malignant conditions like endo, so you've had your life time's worth as far as the manufacturer recommends.

You might be able to go back on it at a later date if the steps taken in the meantime don't offer you sufficient pain relief.

It is now a case of managing your pain levels till you have surgery. And that might be something to discuss with your GP to make sure you get the right balance of pain killers in the meantime while you wait for the op.


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