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What no patches??

Ok the moral of the story is dont leave things to the last minute. Not a good start to my long road ahead of repeat prescription. 3 chemists in my local town..none of them have my HRT in stock. Fortunately they can arrive tomorrow but only 4 weeks post op and unable to walk far or even drive yet i have to depend on others. I hate to be a burden or ask for anything so today my usual calm self had a melt down :( After managing to walk from Boots to another Chemist i couldnt face walking back again for Boots to order so have left it in the care of 2nd one. Of course added pressure to get back into town before 1pm tomorrow when they shut! Grrrrrrrrr. So i will be one day late changing my new friend so not too concerned. This is a little shout out to accept help when offered and dont think you can do it all too soon after any operation. I was really up for getting into town and seeing the world and all i did was crumble in it, i shouldve let others go for me a day earlier then they couldve been ordered. I suppose im too laid back, this has been a learning curve. I know its not live or death but the emotional side is not one to be reckoned with. Being in my cared for bubble at home has made me realise that even tho i think im doing great, in actual fact dealing with the outside just yet is going to be small steps at a time. We cant run before we walk. Hugs to all and big raspberries to Endometriosis . Rant over ;) J xx

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