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Does going through the menopause help endo symptoms?

Im only 28, but have been going through endo misery for 16yrs. Can anyone tell me if they have reached the menopause and if this has resolved some of their problems? What about drug induced menopause? I know a hysterectomy is not the answer and have tried everything else. Having children of my own is not an issue, i realsied a long time ago i wouldnt be able to and i will foster when the time is right.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Annabel,

I'm sorry I don't have any answers yet but I have just begun prostap treatment (chemical menopause) so I can let you know how I find it as I go along :). At 23 the whole prospect of it is a bit scary but I didn't seem to have many options- and I guess you don't know until you try something! X


Hi, thanks for answering. Sorry to hear your going through similar crap! What side effects are you experiencing? I was given a presciption for zoladex and HRT at 21, i didnt take it and had my first lot of surgery, im now back where i was pain wise. Do you take HRT with the prostap? What have you been told to expect from the prostap?

Thanks againX


It's rubbish isn't it! Touch wood I haven't had any side effects yet- I have only had it in my system about a week though so I'm not sure if it takes a while or if I might not react until I've had a couple of them. I am taking hrt- elleste 2mg. I've been told that the pain will get worse before it gets better- I am waiting for a period to see what happens (if I even have one whilst on this, not sure how long I will take to stop menstruating.) other than that I've been told to expect the usual- sweating, flushes, low mood/libido etc. my daily pain has subsided dramatically which I can only put down to being on the endo diet. I'm wondering if this is helping me to have a good experience with the prostap? I don't want to count my chickens but so far so good! They have told me that hopefully this treatment will slow the growth of endo after my recent op and also shrink my fibroids. I know there are a lot of poor women who have had bad experiences and i did hate the idea at first ,but I couldn't discount it without trying it myself. Do you have a specialist consultant that you can discuss your options with? X


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