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Bowel prep before surgery of stage 4 endo??


I am having surgery now in 13 days time to cut out endo sticking my bowels and cervix together. Had pre assessment yesterday. Nothing has been mentioned to me about having a bowel prep yet reading on here people have. Are you meant to? Want to know as I don't want to turn up and have them say can't operate as not done bowel prep. Not fussed about it as presume its same thing as when had colonoscopy.


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I have had 3 laparotomies and have had different experiences of bowel prep - the last (6 mo ths ago) was also a hysterectomy and I didn't have any bowel prep despite my bowels being stuck to my uterus. I don't think you need to worry as I am sure that it won't have been forgotten.

Good luck,



Thank you. Is it normal that I'm feeling really nervous too and have a fear of dying under the knife??? I'm scared they will puncture some vital organ.....soooo nervous now :-(


Hi, I'm typing this from my hospital bed after a lap yesterday. I read on here that I needed full preop bowel prep, so asked during my preop assessment. They said it would be done on the day. Got here yesterday and the initial doctor I saw was concerned that I hadn't been bowel prepped before coming, she checked with my consultant and he said it would be fine as only my lower bowel affected by endo. Such a relief as i thought the op was going to be cancelled! You need to check if it is affecting your upper bowel, as I think you'll need bowel prep the day before, if lower bowel, still double check with them. Hopefully they will have time to contact you consultant, mine was a cancellation so was short of time. Good luck! x


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