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Time off after Lap

Hi all

i am due to have my 3rd Lap done in July. In the past i have always been told 2 weeks off. week 1 resting and week 2 slowly getting up and about.

when i had my pre assessment yesterday they said about a week then would need to be signed off by the doctor?? did anyone else have to do this just seems a bit of a mission to me. I am also having my tubes checked and something done to my Ovary to make me ovulate more will this cause more time off or pain? only had straight forward lap with laser treatment before.

thanks x x x

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Hi, I've had both ovaries and tubes removed two weeks ago today and I've been signed off for six weeks! (My job is very physical and stressful) I've only just started to b able to walk around the house a bit and still feel REALLY tired.

Hope your op goes well and don't rush back to work before your ready.



thank you for your reply. i dont think i would be signed off for 6 weeks and if i was i doubt i would go back lol

hope you recover soon and make the most of this time to relax and recover. feel better soon x x x


i had my lap done, i was sterilised and had an ablation, i had no endo removed as they said too much and will be done at time of hysterectomy, i was in an awful lot of pain after my lap, more so than before, and it took me around 5-6 weeks before i felt anywhere near what i felt pre-lap, emotionally it took a bit longer too, i also bled for several weeks after too, infact since the lap in march i've only had about 4 weeks without bleeding. i really do not know how some women are back to work within days, i was in bed for two days after and was absolutely exhausted and quite poorly, but i guess we're all different, so please remember that and do not put any pressure on yourself to be superwoman, listen to your body. i went out shopping with my hubby 5 days after ( i only walked with him, didnt do any thing ) i was on my feet for about an hour in total and spent the next 24 hours in bed, i was in awful pain, contraction like xx


thank you. i am not going to rush back at all i will make the most of the time i can relax and also enjoy not having to commute to. This has been my main worry the commuting to and from London everyday as its standing on a train and tube really dont want to be knocked or barged and cause more damage as the main reason i am doing this is so that me and my partner can start properly trying pain free

x x


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