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Ruptured cyst

For the 4th time I was in sudden excruciating pain from what I can only guess was another ruptured cyst. The other times I had gone to hospital to wait around for 4 hours and to be told it was probably my endometriosis.

Last night (as me and my husband had pre-planned if it were to happen again) I stayed in bed took my maximum dose of painkillers and gritted my teeth/cried/breathed my way through it. Three hours later it was more bearable and I was grateful to be at home instead of waiting in an uncomfortable waiting area in a&e.

Everything I have read says that if you have ovarian cysts and experience sudden severe pelvic pain then you should get medical help, but my experience of the out of hours doctors and a&e has been dismal. I don't know what I should be doing for the best and as I am lying in bed with the usual chronic pain I don't know where to go for the best advice or support.

I am seeing my GP next week regarding my treatment for endo and will be asking to be referred to another hospital for a second opinion.

I live in south east London. Does anyone have any hospitals they recommend or have had a gynaecologist who was very helpful? What have other people done when they have experienced the sudden and severe pain often associated with ruptured cysts?

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Hi there

I can't help with the hospital I'm afraid but I have been in a similar position. I experienced these pains for about 4-5 years before finally being diagnosed. The first time it happened I called an ambulance but after that I just tried to get through it myself taking painkillers (although it was usually a bit late as the pain is so sudden) & like you breathing & crying through it. I would be left feeling very battered & bruised inside. every time it happened I went back to my gp but no-one who I saw actually ever mentioned anything about cysts. It was only me googling it all that made me realise what the pain probably was. Just period pain according to all the docs! I ended up having surgery to remove the cysts so I would say definitely ask for a 2nd opinion. I hope that you are starting to feel a bit better today.


Ruptured cysts can be dangerous depending on the content of them and normally require surgery to remove the contents from swishing around in the abdomen. Even if they don't contain nasty material, the free liquid will contribute to the formation of adhesions. Unfortantely, ruptured cysts normally get misdiagnosed as appendicitis. You need to fight.


I wrote a big long message as a reply and then my laptop shut down!

You have my sympathy, I have had two (suspected, never actually confirmed) ruptured cysts. The first (very scary) time I stayed at home as I was on my own and couldn't move, second I was taken to A&E by my husband and was admitted to the gynae ward. I think if it happened again I would stay at home again and ride it out (I really hope it doesn't). I had a lap a couple of months after the second one with excision surgery for endometriosis and to remove an endometrioma.

I hope you are feeling a bit better today.


Thank you for your comments. It's so hard to know what to do for the best. I'm glad I didn't go to the hospital but at the time the pain was unbearable. I am seeing my GP on Monday and will be asking what I should do next time it happens (although I have all my fingers crossed there won't be a next time).

I hope you are all receiving the right and sympathetic treatment you deserve from your local health professionals. Thanks again x


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