anyone know a good gynea in county durham area

I have been diagnosed with endo and have been seen by various gyneas without success. ive been given the zoladex injectoin which worked for a while but stopped the pain is located in my hips and no pain meds other than oral morph is helping, ive been admitted to hospital 7 times in the last year and each time they say its period pains, I know my own body and am now feeling ready for the hysterectomy but coz of my age they wont do it.....anyone got any ideas of a nice gynea I could see?

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  • Hi dan_1811

    Thanks for your question and sorry that you are not having much success in finding a good healthcare professional to support you. Unfortunately however we do not allow individual consultants to be named on this forum for legal reasons.

    However for an idea of some of the centres of endometriosis expertise that do exist in the UK you may like to visit and visit their Endometriosis Centres section. These are centres with multi-disciplinary endometriosis teams. Make sure you look at both the fully accredited centres and the provisional ones. There is more information on this site as well about the centres and what a centre has to do to qualify.

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes


  • Hi im from newcastle area, I had a hysterectomy in 2005 age consultant was at the R.V.I if you wish to chat more send me your email address and will communicate with you via that or you can add me on facebook..either way Im happy to help anyway I can xx

  • hi lyndie78. I appear to have problems with my doc regarding my endo as he says that they all agree that its mild and nothing else they can do for me especially coz of my age. is there anyway you could help me move forwards and get the treatment I need. xx

  • Hi dan_1811

    I know this post is of a while ago but wondered if any one could help?

    I live in Durham to and have been a sufferer for 8 years now but I feel my treatment has come to a stop, I would like some advise on dr in our area, did u manage to find a one that could help? I know you Carnt name them on here. Thanks, any help would be really apprieciated!

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