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Third lap Tuesday - getting anxious

Hey all so I was diagnosed with Endo 6 years ago now found Endo on nub last two laps and now booked in for number three been in constant pain for 12 weeks now been hospitalised twice in that time due to pain - ultrasound clear and send feels like Endo again. I guess it's normal to get anxious before any operation but what seems to be getting to me most is what do I do If they don't find anything! I can't stand this pain much longer.

My big worries are

1. I was on pro strap for 12 months ending in February could this stop the Endo showing?

2. I know amount of Endo doesn't correlate with pain but this is worst pin I've had what If nothing is there!

3. The pain started spontaneously after a routine colonoscopy literally over 24 hours how did this trigger my Endo?

Over 24 hours to go and driving myself crazy doesn't help having a bad pain day



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Hi Stace. How did the lap go? A colonoscopy could have just agrivated everything inside. x


Thanks for your reply late response cos only just got home. Found Endo on Eutroacal and bowel surgeon caught my bowel so had to have that repaired and now got a uti infection! Slow recovery but getting there xx


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