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why period didn't stop during Zoladex 3.6????

I am 28 years old and I was having endometriasis. It has been treated by surgery and now I am on Zoladex for 2 weeks before and my problem is it does not stop my period. it's started today although i still have 14 days for the next appointment of injection Even I am not feeling any of the side effects of Zoladex. I’ve been to many forums and have found that many women have experienced few out of many side effect of Zoladex and their periods have stopped. Now I am curious and little bit worried that why my period didn't stop as it is required after endo.-Surgery. Is my body non responsive to Zoladex does? So is it worth taking Zoladex 3.6mg dose?(I am to take 2 more doses )

Any advice please..

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Hi, I am also on Zoladex and my periods have not stopped but they are upside down. Nothing is regular for the last three months whilst on Zoladex. GP told me it takes 3/4 months for injections to work if they do at all. My pains has decreased but I'm very tired some days. Sorry I cannot offer you any advice just thought I'd share my experience of Zoladex.


many thanks for sharing your experience i was so worried and couldn't contact my GP until now, i just started with the injection and read many caution regarding it.


If u have only had 1 jab then u will have a period but after ur 2nd it should start to work through ur body and shut down ur ovaries sometimes people have a little bleed after the 2nd to but its nothing to be worried about xx


I had a similar experience many years ago with a similar hormone treatment that was supposed to stop my periods for endo. The treatment was supposed to be for three months, but I continued bleeding as normal (well, normal for me at the time was 16-day-long periods). My doctor at the time just continued the treatment for a further three months and it finally kicked in and stopped the bleeding and did help with the endo pain at the time.

It might just be a case of giving it some time. Everybody is different. Good luck with it all.


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