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Endo pain after hysterectomy

Hi once again. I had hysterectomy (kept ovaries) last October where endo, adeno and fibroids were found. Since the op my pain is greatly increasing once again. Went to Gp last week who said it was IBS, been here before about IBS, but she could not understand why I was so tired and having terrible leg ache. Its now really bad and I am taking ibruprofen every morning to get going. I had blood tests which came back as routine action whatever that means. So have another appointment with a different GP on the 21st June. I am now back to square one after the op, feeling very tired, aching legs. I am also getting terrible stabbing and stinging pains in lower abdomen. I had the symptoms for years but it was only after my hysterectomy that endo was found. What should I be asking my GP? I just dont want it all to take another couple of years to sort it out. Can endo give pain so quickly after hysterectomy. I know that endo is not cured by hysterectomy and I also know my last gyne is clueless when to comes to endo. Sorry for long post!

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I was told by my gynocologist that there is a greater chance the endo will return if you leave your ovaries in. For this reason I'm having a total hysterectomy on 13th August. If it is endo that causing the pain I guess the next stage would be to have your ovaries removed. How long has it been since your hysterectomy?

I can't imagine how you feel. I would be completely devastated if my pain was still there after my hysterectomy.

I hope you find the answers you're looking for x


I only had my op october 2012. Thanks for your reply and good luck with your hysterectomy. I will keep pushing for answers, its so frustrating.


The Endo can grow anywhere and is greatly increases with the oestrogen levels, so yep leaving the overies is not so wise :-(


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