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Have you reduced your work hours? - are you having any benefit...less pain?

Hi, I am working full-time at the moment. 10 days out of a month I am in pain and 5 days I am in severe pain and sometimes I need my colleagues' help (I have to ask to swap the duty because of the pain - they understand me well though).

I would like to go on part-time (working in the morning) hoping it will give me a time to rest at home so I may have less pain. I have a school age son so I won't be having complete rest in the afternoon but he usually play outside with kids nearby so I would have chance to be on my own. My body is really tired even the week I don't have pain. I feel I can't keep asking my colleagues for help.

However, I am OK to work full-time most of the time(well it would be nice to catch up with house work). We are still paying our mortgage. I feel lazy being part-time when I am well.

I have many doctor's appointments and they have to be during the work hours and my manager is not very happy off course. If I work part-time I can go to see my doctor outside my work time.

Have anyone benefit (having less pain) reducing your work hours? If so maybe I can possibly persuade my husband...

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The fatigue factor rather than the pain is what restricts my work these days. I'd love to work more hours and earn more money, but my body isn't up to it.

1 hour a day on week days is what I am reduced to. Used to have two jobs a full time one and a 4-5 hour a day one on top of the full time one.

All a distant memory these days sadly.


Hiya.I'm currently waiting for 2nd opp this year but have reduced my hours to 20hrs a week from 40 and I have found it has really helped.was really poorly before 1st opp and think now my body was just so tired that I just couldn't cope with any pain and even just having a cold,totally floored me.I have time now in the afternoon to rest or even just to sit down for an hour,as my job is standing all day,really has helped.my company isn't happy with me doing part time but is letting me carry on till I have 2nd opp n through recovery.after that I don't think I will go back full time as I just think its to much with what we have to deal with.yes I miss the money but on the other side of it if I become too ill,I would be on the sick and earning nothing?think quality of life is more important.I'd say if u can cut back on outgoings n not need as much money,go part time.why try to convince ur husband?he should be understanding n let's face it if men had this they wouldn't even get up in the mornings.u do what u want to do.xxx


Yes after 6 months off I went back a month ago working 3 full days a wk, tues wed and fr. I've been on zoladex 4 months and finally 2 weeks ago the constant bad pain stopped. Still have pain and tiredness but much better. Gynae appt on Tuesday to see what happens next if anything. So glad I went back to work even tho I was nervous I wouldn't manage it but although so tired. Usually I'm wiped out Thursdays and some Saturdays but having worked all my life I feel I'm contributing to household budget again and it's given me a boost getting out , seeing other people and feeling normal again after becoming a bit of a recluse. If I had tried full time again I don't think I would have finished the week.

If you can manage financially part time then do it. I think a lot of us on here know we have to pace ourselves and reinvent our targets for the day. Setting yourself lower targets means you are more likely to achieve and get a little feel good factor thrown in! Remember its not your fault, you're not lazy, you have a debilitating illness so well done you for even trying to carry on!! Xx


Thank you people who had answered me so far! While I was reading your replies, I was so touched and I cried. I have been straggling with chest pain and breathing difficulty as well as bad cramp so I am shuttered. I took Mebeverine, Diclofenac and Co-codamol yestereay but there were still cramps. Usually afternoon and evenings are worse. I get rapid heart beat when I take codeine so Co-codamol was probably contributing chest pain? I don't know what kind of painkiller I can take now to be able to stay at work. My job includes some office desk work and customer service so I don't want to be in front of customer when I am in pain. Difficult to smile, is it?

I don't know what will happen when menopause comes. I am now 42, and within 10 years or so I am hoping to be in my menopause and is is the end of this endo pain battle? I know some people who had taken womb and ovaries still in endo pain so I am not thinking hysterectomy very strongly.

I am hoping to go back to full time when the endo battle is finishes.

I will talk to my husband very soon. I think he understands how much I am straggling.

Thanks for the push! Take care


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