have anyone else experience sever pain in the center of their back after standing for a while?

this is the first time i am experiencing this it hurts really bad. i teach and now it;s becoming more painful by the days to stand and teach. i have this crazy pain in my back and there is this heat that i feel wherever i feel pain too. have anyone else experiences this? and can anyone tell m,e what is the cause for this?

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  • I get this regularly and sometimes into my pelvis and hips too. It's really uncomfortable. Back pain is very common with endo down to numerous reasons but I don't want to miss inform so I will see if anyone else comments first before I do more research as to exact causes. Some of it can be caused by our posture when we're in pain and it has a knock on effect on our back.

    I have found following the endo diet has helped my pains an awful lot. There's a great group that supports it on facebook with tips & links to recipes.

    A long hot bath at night can help ease it after a bad day.

    I've just spent out on a new mattress which seems to have helped too. I'm considering yoga too.

    I hope you find your solution.


  • hi, thank you i will try the endo diet and i am about to sign up for yoga but i read that not all positions in yoga are good for women with endo so i am a bit worried about that too.

  • I get really bad back aches too, in the bottom centre right where the spine is about to end. The pain is usually worse if I stand for too long (more than 10 minutes is long for my body :( ) and I usually just take some ipubrofen for it and use hot patches on long days or when I feel I have already taken too many medicines, also as marblesgone said as well a long hot bath can help sometimes. I hope it helps you x

  • hi, thank you for your response but pain killers really don't work for me at all. using things to knock me out helps a lot but most of the time the pain itself does that for me. do you experience a crazy burning more like a terrible heat directly from the spot you are having the pain?

  • Yes I get the back pain too in the middle of my back after standing for a relatively short time. I was wondering if it was solely down to bad posture as we tend to overcompensate when we are in pain which affects other parts of our bodies like back and legs. I try to correct myself and stand straighter but I get overwhelming need to sit down even for a just 10 minutes then get up and do a bit more. Sorry you all have this too but nice to know it's a symptom and not just me! X

  • i am happy it's not just me too and whenever i sit i tend to feel it more. it's just so disgusting i can barely deal with it.

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