Im scared - need HELP

Hi there.....

im really scared im 25 and have just been told that i have Endometriosis, and being honest i have no idea what to do or where to start.

i have a little boy who is 2 and my husband and i wanted to start trying for another one in may - can this still happen???

the doctor i saw didnt really explain this that well and most the information i have found out through the interent. all he said was you need surgery...

can anyone help or just give me some advice

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  • oh hun ,if you are on facebook ask to join the endometreosis support group all of the ladies on there are fantastic and will give you great advice xxxx heidi

  • hi, this will sound a stupid question but can my friends see this page? xx

  • no hun they cant its a closed group :0) xxx

  • I know how scary this must be for you!! first off if you already have one child, Of course you will be able to have a second child even tho the journey to get pregnant may be a bit challanging at times(there is someone on the endo group on FB who has stage 4 endo and is having her 2nd baby!!) and i personally would wait until after you have the op to start trying as clearing up some endo may increase your chances..... I think its horrible that the DR did not explain in detail about this endo...If he said you will need an op it will probably be a LAP as most are and basicly what they do is try to remove what endo they can pending where it is....the endo will never be fully gone but it can be kept from growing out of control with an injection or even birth control, this will also shrink down whatever endo they cannot what heidi30 said i am on the endo group and have met some amazzzinnngg strong women on there and have learned so new tips for pain and every day living.anyhthing you need feel free to send me a message on here. i was diagnosed when i was 18 and now 26, i too didnt have many answeres when i was diagnosed and in turn have done so much research about endo that people must think im crazy! Just remember it is not an easy road but it will only make you stronger in life and there are people around you even if we are only on here or facebook that care and want to help you through this! all the best! xx

  • thank you so much,

    can i ask? do the doctors keep an eye on you after they have removed it- meaning do you go back afterwards for check up. i have looked at some many websites and last night came across a video that showed me what they do and that has actual freaked me out even more.... i just dont know what to do, i have so many questions, thank u xxx

  • yes they should have a follow up every 6 months and if you feel off inbetween you should see them whenever you feel you need too. if you have a good gp they will also be there as someone you can go to when you feel theres something wrong and they should be able to help or tell you to go to your gyn. dont let the videos scare you remember having this will help you feel better :) any more questions feel free to on this site quite often :) x

  • hi heather x

  • hi hun im 25 im married and got one boy whos 8 without endo being diagnosed and untreated it can lead to infertility but hopefully once you have had your op and they will zap it there is a chance to get pregnant afterwards but if you dont get pregnant quickly it has a tendancy to come back they asked me if i wanted the coil put in when i was under anestic i said no because i have wanted another baby for 6 years but the endo came back within 2 months after my op and it is worse now i am going for the coil gonna have that for 3 years then come of it and try to get pregnant then i would suggest the same for you see in a way ur lucky as ur boy is 2 so you could have another one in 3 yrs the coil is meant to help alot because it stops your cycle i didnt really want it makes me a bit nervous to be honest but i would rather have it and have a pain free life hope all goes well hun and dont worry it is scary but it will be ok xx

  • hi, i have never had regular periods i was told when i was 12 i had pcos and would never have children so i do count my self lucky... i have never reacted well to any form of contriseption as it makes me really ill and i final found a pill that im ok on.we planned to start trying in may the consultant booked me in for the op in march. can i ask does it hurt after the surgery??

  • When I had the surgery it was absolutely fine. The recovery took me a little longer than the 2 days I've seen on some websites. It took me 1 week to fully recover and for a or two after I had to pace myself when carry groceries. I was super bloated and had a hard time finding clothes to wear which was just more embarrassing than anything else. These were all minor and very manageable. Just more discomfort than anhything else. Key is to have someone with you for the first day or two. This website is very helpful:

  • i found it was a few days i was on bedrest but i would say after a week i was feeling myself again after 3-4 weeks starting having sex again just gently and was fine same pain as before op then wen i was completly healed felt ten times better having sex felt like it hadnt in years and for the first time my husband wasnt feeling guilty or worried that he was hurting me

  • Go to the Endometriosis UK website for helpline details and give them a call. The helpline is covered by volunteers who also have experience of endometriosis.

    Good luck.

  • Try not to worry to much (easier said than done i know) Try to take things one step at a time & try to deal with things as they come xx

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