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Has anybody complained about the NHS and used PALS did they help you?

I have just sent an email to my local Pals after waiting 7 months for a laparoscopy to diagnose and treat my endometriosis. My ultrasound scan in February found a 3cm cyst and I live day to day in some kind of pain whether it be mild or severe. I am currently on my period and couldn't go into work yesterday due to awful bloating, cramps and diahorrea. I will not let endo take over my life but I really struggle at times I am also worried the NHS is robbing me of my fertility possibly the longer this cyst is on my ovary, plus I am 28 next month and before I suspected I had Endo I tried to conceive for 18 months with my ex and nothing. I have told them I will travel to have my laparoscopy if it means I can get a date for my surgery I am fed up of living in limbo and feeling depressed. Does anybody have any good news where PALS have helped them?

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Hi, I have used PALS several times and they have been really good. Twice I waited over 8 months for surgery, I contacted PALS and the op date magically came through and I was operated on a couple of weeks later. Also, if talking to PALS doesn't work, what you can do is get your GP to send an urgent fax directly to your consultant. That also sped up my op. They are certainly worth trying. It may take them a couple of days to liaise with the right departments, but they have always been so helpful with me.


omg I complained to PALS on Monday and by 8:30 am Tuesday head of gynae rang and apologised to me about waiting so long and they have booked me in for 3 weeks time. I cant believe how quickly it was resolved with one complaint. feel like a weight has been lifted, felt really emotional and happy. cant believe it might actually be getting sorted now


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