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Where do you work?


I am coming to a point now where I feel like I am not good enough to do my job anymore. I don't want to give up and I certainly refuse to just not work but my job is demanding and requires me to be on the ball, to give 100% of myself, 100% of the time and more than anything, I am worried that I am going to power through and they are going to tell me that I am not capable of doing the job anymore.

I didn't realise how much endo was effecting me before I was diagnosed with it - my directors asked me if there was something wrong because I kept snapping at people - I laughed when they told me because I am the most placid, happy, laid back person going. Or at least I thought so! I didn't even realise my behaviour until they pointed it out to me.

Anyway, I was just wondering what other endo sufferers do for work. Are there any endo-capatible jobs out there?!




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Hi Milliehull,

This might make you feel a bit better. I'm a very hard worker (if I do say so myself) I absolutely love my job!


I am struggling at the moment but my boss has been so fair to me and I've gone from working 4 9hr days to 3 4hr days because at the moment I'm either in too much pain or I'm exhausted.

My boss/occ health have been so accommodating to me and have really strived to meet my needs.

I have a lot of targets in my job role and a lot is a juggling act. This said my occ health have removed the targets (although I expect myself to still hit them)

I honestly think that when I was signed off for 3 1/2 months this is when I was at my worse as I had nothing to fight for.

It really is worth speaking to your boss/occ health and explaining you'd be devastated to leave see if they can offer reduced hours or possibly flexi working so if your having a good day (what's that?) work a full day if your having a bad day do a few hours?

Good luck with it all

Hayley x


Hi Hayley

The problem is that my company is very small, we don't even have an HR department and I work as a PA to three men (Chairman, MD and Sales Director). When they took me on, I replaced their previous PA who was leaving to have a baby and has since returned. When she was due to return, they discussed her new role with me and said that they did not want her as their PA anymore because they need someone full time.

They already expressed their feelings about having a part time or reduced hours type PA to me before they knew I was ill - before I knew even. So I know they would not react very well if I said that I wanted to reduce my hours, they would just say that if I didn't feel that I could do the job then I should leave (perhaps not in those exact words, don't get me wrong their not monsters they just feel that they need someone there as much as possible).

This is why I was wondering what other people do because although my own role might not be suitable for flexi working or reduce hours, there must be some jobs out there that are.

Do you mind me asking what it is that you do?




I am a chef in a nursing home, a bit more structured than commercial outlets, used to work 4 days over 7, one being a 12 hour shift, since my op, had my right ovary removed, endo clusters removed and my womb detached from my bowel, I now do 5 days over 7 and 7 hour shifts, still struggle an early is 7am - 2am, and two of these in a row I am buggered to coin a phrase a late is 12-7pm and I need a day off after this as I find I need 10 hours sleep to function properly.




I struggled with work for a long time because of the fatigue and pain. I now work in a school and find that is much easier as the holidays give me time to recharge and the day starts early but ends early too, which seems to suit me better.

The Mirena has also helped because I don't have the utter exhaustion that the heavy bleeding used to cause.

It's not perfect, obviously, and there are some days when it is really hard, but knowing that I'll get a week at least to collapse and recover every seven weeks or so really helps.


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