What do i do now??

I had my Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy and biopsy on Thursday and it all showed clear. I have been suffering with Endo symptoms for 13 years now and the doc, consultant and pretty much everyone was convinced it was Endometriosis but nothing has showed up. I was told this in the recovery room like i had just wasted their time. They fitted the coil at the same time as they said it should help with the pains but they didn't tell me that it can cause weight gain. I have spent the last 2 years losing nearly 3 stone and am worried that i am gonna pile it back on again. I'm by no means a slinky chick yet and i think it's probably just my hormones making me worry about it. I have been soooooo tired since the op. Admittedly i probably haven't rested as much as i have had a horrible week. Does anyone know how long the biopsy results take to come back? sorry for rambling on.

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  • a biospy result should take anything form about 2-3 weeks, im inclined to think though if their was a problem they would get you back sooner. Good luck wit the mirena, I had mine removed after about 6 weeks as my moods were awful i just cant get along with hormone treatments. I wouldnt worry to much about gaining weight getting yourself out of pain should be your prority and once you feel better you will be able to exercise more, if anything just try and make a few changes to your diet, drink lots of water etc. I have no idea what it could be if its not endo but i know that thir are lots of gynaeand bowel conditions which can cause similar symptoms, make sure you push on for further investigation.

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