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Endometriosis from a young age?Case Studies for Endometriosis Awareness Week 2012 needed

Time and again we are told about how many women's endometriosis struggle began in their teenage years with doctors often ignoring or misdiagnosing symptoms. For that reason, during Endometriosis Awareness Week 2012 we will be focusing on endometriosis in teenagers / young women.

If you have a story that you would like to share, please email information@endometriosis-uk.org. We are looking particularly for teenagers / young women who would be happy to be featured on the Endometriosis UK website and to talk to the press.


Communications & PR at Endometriosis UK

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I suspect I've been suffering with endo since I was about 17. I'm 24 now and had my first laparoscopy last November. I couldn't count how many times I went to the dr about my pain but I'd say at least 5 times a year for 6 and a half years. I struggled with doctors to listen to my concerns and mis diagnosing me. Several times I'd been told I'd suffered miscarriages - even when on birth control and not sexually active -absolutely appaling! I go through the same process every time - urine tests for infections, pregnancy tests and in the end being told I just had bad period pain and to deal with it. If only they'd operated earlier - as they discovered one of my ovaries was badly affected. I'd be a happy candidate to support awareness week so please don't hesiatate to contact me.

Many thanks.



I am 19 years old and was recently diagnosed with endometriosis. I think it began when I was around 16 as I have had extremely heavy periods since then. However I was told I had IBS everytime I went to the doctors and that this was causing the bloating and pains I was experiencing. On the day I got sent to hospital with the pain, I was told I was constipated and should go home. I begged them for an ultrasound and this eventually lead to them discovering my endometriosis .


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