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Nightmares are back

My nightmares are back, last night i had the most terrifying one ever!! It really haunted me and i cant get it out of my head!!!!!

I was just waking up, and I found myself back in theatre, all I could see was a bright light above me. Nothing else. I wasn't under any anesthetic, just awake.

A women was doing something to my arm, and telling me to stay calm, and keep still and a nice, soft way. While this was happening I actually thought my own mum was trying to wake me!

I really started panicking, at this point something was opening my legs, and trying to insert something, and also trying to cut me open! I was trying my hardest to scream and lash out, but nothing would happen! I was stuck! I looked to my left, to see my mum standing there with a stern look on her face, and some one in a wheelchair whos face I couldn't see!

Then i felt people pin me down and spread my legs even further, telling me to shup up and stay still in a horrible and nasty way! I was so scared, but couldn't do anything! I couldnt see any of these people, exceot the bright light above me! I was in real agony, because at that time I was having real bad pains!

Any one had anything like this? and what can it mean???

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Hi I have alot of dreams about waking up in theathre. I had on last week where they were gutting open my arms and pulling out the veins and shoving metal spikes into my bones that were about 6 inches long and all I could do was scream. It's just anixety about surgery. The other one I get alot of is being in labour and which I get when I have alot of pain in the night. Or having to hold my guts in as intestine spill out through my hands and no one will do anything to help. I think that one speaks for itself.



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