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Hi everyone, just a quick question, i am having another laparoscopy in march this is my second one, i am having ovairan drilling done as i have pcos, as well as removing the endo, just a bit concerned as my surgeon said i will be in hosptial for about 5 days, just seems a long time. Plus my work said i will be off work for about 6 weeks, as my job is very pysical. thanks

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i don't know about this, but just wanted to wish you best of luck with the operation


They probably want to keep you in after to make sure that no infection developes (not trying to scare you) but these things can happen inside. it does seem like a long time but they may let you out earlier then that too. they like to take all the precautions to ensure that you have a quick and safe recovery. I think its great that your job gave you 6 weeks off as healing inside can take 6-8 weeks and still after that take it slowly and listen to your body and dont push yourself too soon. I'm having one in march too. will be my 4th lap and 5th operation. first one was full open. Stay strong and good luck with the lap! x


thanks scared, x thanks heather1 i have had a few laps before and only in for one day, for the first one but the second one had problems and pain so stayed in for 3 days and couldn't go for a wee for 12 hours so was rushed back in again after they said i could go home. my work are really good, i was off work for a couple of days last week they are great. feel bad though being off work for so long. thanks heather xx hope yours goes ok in march to. xx


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