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endo & diet / herbal remedy / massage ??

Hi Guys,

Has anyone ever had any success with doing a type of diet ie eating certain food groups and herbal remedy such as vitamins & self massage ?

I think im going to be forced to wait until september to be referred to a gyni again (as gp says women have to try naturally try for a baby between 1 yr & 18 months before referal) and as some of you might know from previous blogs I have had endo for 14 years & been diagnosed with clubbed tubes after a 3rd lap 2 years ago which they did nothing about at the time & now im trying for a baby I researched into certain food groups & a self massage on the tummy to unblock tubes ..... is this all a load of balony or has anyone every had success with it ??

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My mother knows a girl who had acupuncture for the pain but ended up getting pregnant too as a result. Will get round to booking myself in for some after my op as there is a practitioner in brighton who did his masters on the effectiveness of acupuncture on endometriosis. I have seen a lot of people have great success with acupuncture for various other illnesses over the years. Hope this helps.


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