Nausea advice?

I suffer terribly from nausea that it effects my everyday life from travelling, socialising, working etc. I am never actually sick (not yet anyway!) but it can be so extreme that I feel like I am going to be! I am currently trying to get pregnant so the GP says I cannot have anything to help.

Does anyone else suffer from nausea be it extreme or not? If so any tips or ideas of how to deal with it, make it ease off etc? A problem I have is I don't like ginger nor mint which I hear can be a help! Perhaps I should I grit my teeth and eat ginger biscuits?!

Thank you for reading my rant and any advice would be fab!

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  • I used to regularly suffer with nausea caused by anxiety, endo pain and IBS type issues.

    I have found that Peppermint tea always helps as it is antispasmodic.. its not so much about liking it as taking advantage of the medical qualities. Of course unless you dislike it to the point where it will make you feel worse....

    Other than peppermint I would look at my diet and reduce the amount of fat in my food as fat consumption can cause nausea aswell.

    Anxiety can be a cause of nausea so you can try to reduce anxiety with breathing exercises

    These are tried and tested:

    Any advice aimed at reducing stress and anxiety should help in the longer term if stress or anxiety are factors such as having a massage, going for a walk somewhere nice etc etc

    And even if this is not the cause it could help relieve some of the stress caused by feeling nauseous regularly.

    Hope this helps xx


  • Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it.

    I def think it is a multitude of things causing the nausea and I can identify some of the things that cause it, such as anxiety. However there are times too when I really don't know why I am suffering from it. What is more frustrating is that it is not only during ovulation and my period but almost every day of the month!

    I try breathing techniques but have never followed any certain tried and tested ways so I thank you for that web link and will def try them.

    I don't drink coffee or tea and I really don't like mint, that I just about manage with toothpaste. But it sounds like peppermint tea may be of help. I am getting quite fed up and desperate now so I may bite the bullet and try it.

    Once again thank you x

  • Hi I don't suffer with feeling sick but I am picky with foods and flavours ie brushing my teeth with strong mint toothpaste makes me gag! Anyway when I had peppermint tea to help with wind after lap I had camamile and peppermint as wasn't too strong so could drink without gagging. So have you tried ginger tea that's mixed with something else so it doesn't taste as strong? Maybe worth a try or adding a little ginger into soup or sauce on dinner maybe worth a try as you shouldn't notice the flavour and may help a little. Other than that have you asked in a herbal shop if they have any natural tonics you could try? Just a thought but have to agree if I get really stressed I can feel sick so keeping calm may help too. X hope you find something that helps x

  • Hi Lillyflower. Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate it.

    Like you I make sure my toothpaste has the mildest minty flavour and I am picky with food!

    I don't drink tea or coffe but it sounds like peppermint and camomile tea may be of benefit to me. Esp if it didn't make you want to gag so there is hope for me! I am getting desperate and fed up with this nausea, which is almost everyday of the month so I may bite the bullet and try this tea. I will also call into a herbal shop and see if anything they can suggest.

    I have identified some things that makes the nausea worse such as anxiety, stress, IBS. But there are a lot of times when I really don't know what is causing it! But I do know that it is really getting me down now, on top of everything else that comes with endo. If it was just one week of a month I would cope better but not nearly every day!

    I have got anti-sickness wristbands which are used for travel sickness and morning sickness but these are now not having much of an effect either!

    Thanks again for your reply. I hope you are having a pain free day x

  • Hi

    I started to suffer from terrible nausea for about a week before my period. It would start early afternoon and increase for the rest of the day to the point where I couldn't even move. I started to have acupuncture because I would also like to fall pregnant. I mentioned it on my first visit and I've not had it since and that was 3 months ago. I think the nausea is to do with the amount of hormones but I can't recommend acupuncture enough even if you don't want to fall pregnant it helps with so much. I hope this helps. I had 4 sessions the first month I went and now I just go twice a month, once as I'm ovulating and then just before my period. The reason I have it just before my period is for years I had a 28 day cycle and then at the end of last year it started happening at 25 days so she's trying to get my cycle back and last month it was 27 days (woohoo). Xx

  • Hi Londongirl. Thank you for your reply, it is much appreciated.

    Unfortunately my nausea is almost everyday of the month, which is so frustrating. If it was only one week of the month I think I would be better able to cope with it, esp if I knew which week it would be i.e time of period.

    I am intrigued by the good response you have had to the acupuncture and I am happy to hear that you have found something that helps you. My worry about it is that I am not a fan of needles, so having lots of little ones stuck into me does give me a little bit of the heeby geebies. But I am so fed up and frustrated with how I am with the nausea that I may consider this as I am willing to try almost anything at the moment!

    Once again thank you and I hope you are having a good day x

  • Thanks for posting, this I was just about to post the same. I have nausea for about 2-3 days before my period and during the first day, it's awful and as yet I've not found anything that helps either, although I do try and have mint tea and lemon & ginger tea on those days.

    I'm also having acupuncture as ttc, but this is just before ovulation, perhaps I should try just before my period too? as it doesn't seem to help with the nausia. :-(

  • Hi. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it.

    I kept meaning to post this question for some time and am glad that it has managed to ask what perhaps others are wondering about.

    Unfortunately my nausea is almost everyday of the month which is really getting me down.

    You are the second person to mention acupuncture. My problem is I do not like needles. But I am at that point of willing to try anything!

    I do have anti-sickness wristbands which are recomended for travel sickness and morning sickness. However these are not having as much of an effect now. Have you tried them?

    I will let you know If I ever find anything that helps with the nausea so that you can try too.

    Once again thank you x

  • Hi Squidgy,

    I have ibs for years & adenomyosis. I had been suffering with terrible nausea for years and i think for me it was partly anxiety, partly ibs & diet.

    I had tried everything over the years: councelling, food like ginger, mint tea, medication such as colofac (for ibs), over the counter meds. . nothing worked long term...

    so i went to see a nutritionist/herbal doctor, she asked me to change my diet drastically, take vitamins (super strength ones), & a herbal tonic.

    The diet changes include: reducing all fibre intake (no wheat, rice or potatoes) except porridge (natural no sugar), reducing sugar intake, increasing protein & green veg intake.

    The herbal tonic i think helps also to calm the stomach.

    This isn't for everyone though & i only managed this diet for a short while before needing more fibre in my diet.

    However during that time i have felt so much less nauseated. . ibs seems totally calmed..

    i have tried to follow it since but now allowing myself a little leeway.

    Also i noticed my triggers -

    such as being in the car/stress. .

    being overtired & relying too much on sugary foods (or carbohydrate foods)

    Reducing caffiene intake ( this is supposed to be good for ttc)

    vitamins (good for ttc)

    I'm hoping to concieve too, and i think that the worry & anxiety of that time (tests etc) can exacerbate ibs/nausea

    hope this helps, although i would say that please consult a nutritionist before trying the drastic diet i'm on, as it would vary between person to person.

    best wishes


  • Hi Tortoiseshell. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it.

    I know some of the triggers for my nausea such as anxiety, stress, IBS. But there are a lot of times when I really don't know why I am suffering from it! So frustrating! If I knew it would be only when I have a period I think I would be able to cope with it better if that makes sense.

    Thank you for your advice re diet etc. My problem is I am quite fussy with food and don't like many fruits nor veg. I don't drink tea or coffee so my caffiene intake is low in that respect. But sounds like it may be worth me trying a diet change. This is going to sound silly but how did you find a nutritionist? Did the GP refer you?

    Once again thank you for your advice. I hope you are having a good day x

  • Hi, i have severe nausea from zoladex and on meds for it which i guess you cant take whilst ttc.

    Ginger and mint don't always work for me but i find lemon squash does!

    Also have you tried the travel sickness sea bands for nausea?

    You can get peppermint capsules that dissolve in your stomach so you dont always taste the mint but not sure if you can have them when ttc.

    Fresh air always helps, invest in a pocket fan!

    Keep a note of food triggers and avoid food and drink that will stimulate your stomachxxx

  • Hi Lillil. Thank you for your reply and advice. Really appreciate it.

    I am intrigued by the lemon squash working! I will def give that a try, although I am not all that keen on lemon! Have you found any other type of squash helps as well?

    I have the travel sickness/morning sickness bands which did work for a time, but I now find are not having much of an effect, esp if the nausea is really intense! But they are something I use as it is better than nothing.

    I hadn't heard of peppermint capsules. That could be an idea as I don't like the taste of peppermint. However I hope they are not big tablets as I really struggle to take tablets due to bad gag reflex.

    I did keep a note of foods I was eating but didn't notice anything in particular that was being a cause. Although I could do with more veg in my diet.

    Once again thank you and I hope you are having a good day x

  • No problem. I wish I could be more helpful, I know how horrendous it can be.

    I take it you have already done a test to check it's not because you are pregnant?

    No only lemon i'm afraid! I read it had anti-sickness properties.

    Yes the capsules you can get from health food shops. Sometimes you do get a bit of a taste after they have dissolved but not as strong as eating a mint.

    Are you constipated as that can make you really nauseous and are you taking pre pregnancy multi vits as that might help balance hormones?x

  • You were very helpful thanks. Any advice is appreciated and just knowing I am not alone is a boost.

    I am not pregnant. Thought maybe recently as was 5 days late but test negative then the period began. I keep saying I could understand it better if I knew there was a good reason for it such as being pregnant!

    I am taking a pre-pregnancy multi vitamin..well I was but then wasn't sure if that was causing some of the nausea so stopped about a week or so ago. But hasn't made much difference so I will start on them again.

    I suffer from both constipation and the other so that def doesn't help you are right.

    Thank you again for your time and words of wisdom x

  • Hi just another thought do you take iron supplements as they can make me feel sick. Also my acupuncturist is also a herbalist so you need to find someone locally that does this I think a lot of accupunctureist also specialise as herbalist as the two are effective together. Maybe if you find someone tell them your a little scared and they should start with needles in less sensitive areas to get you used to feeling. I don't like injections but Accupuncture needles are nothing like that just a little sensation as its gentally tapped in and on my tummy my accupunctureist used Teflon super thin needles as more sensitive you hardly feel them go in and he told me he uses them sometimes for people who are scared to get them used to it. I was having it every other week before lap with herbal tonic and felt much better and I will go back soon just had too much on to fit it in and can get expensive but definitely worth a try x

    Have you tried searching net for tips on helping with morning sickness as then you know its ok when trying to conceive and that's hormone related so maybe worth looking on fertility forums and searching for it. I hope you find something that helps soon as I can imagine that's horrid having it every day. Good luck and keep trying something has to work soon xx

  • Hi. Thanks again for the words of wisdom.

    I was taking a pre-pregnancy multi vitamin for the past 11 months, which had iron in it also. but stopped about a week or so ago as thought maybe that was causing some of it. But it not made that much difference. So I will prob start them again.

    That sounds good that the accupuncturist can use different needles and start on less sensitive spots. Def worth a consideration. I know what you mean about getting costly. I had started to try Reiki and was giving it quite a few sessions to see if any help. The only thing I felt I got from it was on the day I had it I would feel more energised. But by the next day that feeling had gone and back to square one. Plus like you say it gets costly.

    I begun to look up morning sickness advice but will look more into it, esp the forums, as all I was finding was the mention of ginger, or the anti sickness bands (which I have).

    Yeh I hope to find something soon as so fed up. Had a bad night last night due to it and still feeling it now. On internet trying to take my mind off it!

    Once again thank you, I really appreciate it x

  • Hi squidgy, I can t type for long today :-(

    I've got joint pain which is a bloody nuisance, anyway, I went privately to see the nutritionist in Birmingham, its about 60 for first session, plus vitamins , we talked for over an hour, she explains the science behind her methods but she has herbal knowledge which is great. I found her through an add in a local magazine, or see her website , sage health ,

    Best of luck in your search, I know it is difficult with food, I don't like fruit much, luckily I like porridge !!

  • Thanks for that. I will look up and see if one near me. Bless ya suffering from joint pain not fun at all.

    Hope you are having a pain free day today x

  • Lily flower thanks I will try acupuncture if I can,

    Has anyone had acupuncture o on nhs referral?

    I wish these things were on the nhs, does it just depend on where u live, ?

  • Hi I asked the nurse at doctors surgery and was told there was someone who did acupuncture but only a few needles for about 10 mins and generally used for back pain, whereas I was paying for hour and half. The accupuncture was £42 and herbal tonic was £18 which lasted 2 weeks so maybe try one session of acupuncture and a bottle of tonic and if the tonic helps then just use this and have Accupuncture once a month or when you feel like it? did feel better but think the tonic had more effect so maybe try it for a couple of weeks and see if it makes a difference. I live in Hampshire but go to fleet for accupuncture but you can search for credited acupuncturists and herbalist near you. Hope you find some relief soon x

  • Thank you for the further information, really appreciate it. Will do some research and see what I can come up with x

  • Hi again ,

    i found this website that has a directory of herbal medicine/natural therapy so you should be able to find a nutritionist or herbal therapy near you.

    (obv. just type in where you live in the box)

    hope this helps!

    The nutritionist i go to (sarah firnberg) did also prescribe me a herbal tonic, i can't say i like the taste.. you dilute it, but i think it does work, it calmed my stomach, also if nothing else it's good to drink lots of water..

    best wishes

    think i can find an accupuncturist on that website to so thats good.

  • Thank you that is really kind of you to look up that info. Much appreciated x

  • I suffer from nausea most days. I use Twinings peppermint tea which isn't as strong as most varieties. It is my main fix! A small amount of coke also helps and I have accupuncture once every 3 weeks for sickness, anxiety and ibs. I'm a very skeptical person and still can't decide if the accupuncture is doing anything or if it is just in my head, but either way it works!


  • Hi. Thank you for your reply to my question, it is much appreciated.

    Another advocate of the accupuncture. I will have to look into this more. Thank you.

    It made me laugh when you put "a small amount of coke"! That could be taken in such the wrong context! tee hee! I will look out for the Twinnings teas and give it a go.

    Once again thanks and I hope you are having a good day x

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