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Had my Laser lap (my 3rd) 8 weeks ago. They took left ovary / fallopian tube.

Ove the past few weeks have been feeling very hormonal, mood swings and crying alot. The tears are never far away.

I am on the pill and took this prior to my op 2 packs back and other after my op, so had no period for 9 weeks, but them my hormones clashed with pill and started bleeding alot; doc sugguested have period 7 day break and start pill again, This did help relieve the hormonal symptoms for a week but now still feeling crap again.

Am thinking of getting some vitamins ...any suggestions.

Also how long does it take to get back to a normal hormonal state after this type of op ---ovary (left) removal....

Luckly the pain/bowel issues I had before the op seemed to have eased off now...but I just dont feel right ....


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I was the same for several weeks after my lap, had illness after illness and struggled to get back to my bubbly self. Gp recommended high dose of Vit D which I got from healthspan (couldn't get anywhere else being high dose) and zinc , feel loads better now, I also take pill back to back on three months before break x


Thanks for the reply...now have some mutli vit espically for women ! so lets hope that helps !

Doc wasnt much help ...just feel fed up with it all now.



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