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Hi, I went to my doctor yesterday after suffering severe cramping, I suffered with this in my teens but then went on the implant 4 6 years, I have now come off it and started having these cramps again, my doctor suggested I could have endometriosis and has referred to me a gynaecologist and as I'm only 23 I haven't had children yet but would like to start a family soon and I'm so worried about the affects this will have on my fertility, some help and guidance would be very appreciative! I've also heard that taking folic acid can ease the symptoms is this true? Thanks!

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I took folic acid and it didnt help me but that's not to say it won't help you with pain. But I haven't heard it helps my doctor at Arrowe park didn't advice me to take it so not sure.


LauraLou x


Hi thanks! I have read a few stories on here and the only thing I seem 2 suffer the same as most people is the severe pain, my periods r like clock work and I do have heavy periods but I also have a clotting problem, so I'm hoping its not this condition! I really hope it doesn't affect my fertility what ever it is though!

Loz xx


In the meantime, keep a diary of your symptoms, a very useful tool for the Gynae and a good way to get them to understand what you are going through. x Good luck x


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