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Left rib pain day after ovulate - anyone else had this?

Hi everyone! Does anyone else have this and have they been told poss causes? Starts day after ovulation, lasts 2 days. Always on left hand side, starts just under where bottom of bra strap lies, ends where you can feel the last rib. Usually halfway between front and side of my body, but this mnth its bang on my side.

Diagnosed with and had Endo removed 5wks ago through a Lap (pouch of douglas and left uterosacral ligament) and amongst other symptoms, this is a strange one that cropped up every ovulation only. Could it still just be referred pain? ...like referred pain from Endo before Lap and now referred pain from healing? Or could it be endo elsewhere? Must say it is stronger this month, and can feel it every time breath in deep, although it isn't excruciating. Thanks x

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I do get rib pain some time after ovulation, usually just a fleeting pain, sometimes feels a bit like a stitch. TBH I've never actually asked what it might be! When I had my first lap I was told I had endo on my ureters which was too risky to remove surgically and I've always assumed the pain was related to that. But that is just my theory! It can take a while for your body to recover from surgery and settle down and aches and pains can creep up at any time and anywhere.


Hiya, thanks for replying. It actually only lasted about 2hrs and then realised it was gone, whereas before Lap, lasted 2 days so it's an improvement. And, like you said, it takes a while to settle. I suppose I could have a small amount elsewhere still, but there's an improvement in pain overall so fingers crossed! xx


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