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Help please

Hi everyone,

I am 26 years old and got diagnosed with Endometriosis and Polycystic overies last Tuesday after a Laperoscopy. I was expecting it as is very common in the family with most of the femals having a hysterectomy before their 30's. After I was discharged from hospital I have just been left in the dark trying to research this as best as possible but now scared. I was told weeks before by another surgeon to go on a high fibre diet which is fine but now reading that Endo is linked to Diabetes type 2 which is also very common in my family too. Have also been advised to stay clear of red meat and dairy???? So now wondering should I turn veggie??? Can pease someone give me some advise before I turn mad? Thank you x

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Sorry for the news - im a pcos and endo girl too.

Pcos is closely linked to diabetes as it affects your blood sugar. Avoid white carbs!

I would recommend the Endo for Dummies book and intro to PCOS book. Have a look at the Verity website, it's the best one around for pcos and has loads of information about foods to avoid. For endo diet information have a look at endo resolved.

Personally I can't commit to either sets of diets completely as I would be living on air! However, I do stick to it a bit when I have a flare up as I notice a dramatic improvement when I avoid red meat, caffeine, dairy and carbs.

Hope that helps!x


Thank you so much I appreciate it. Will have a look into it. x


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