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What next?I was diagnosed and treated yesterday for endometriosis after 5 years of pain Im a university student with a young son and Im lost

Where do i start i had some bowel removed and i don't know what to do next really in terms of my student grants and general title am i disabled how do i start to inform nessacery people and authorities if anyone can advise me i really appreciate it i only went in for a diagnostic laparoscopy x

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Just wanted to say hi and I hope you doing ok recovering from your lap x

Its not unusual to feel lost after a lap as often we only get quickly told what the surgeon found and did whilst we are still half out of it from the general anaesthic and then sent home with not much info, not helpful!

Do you have a supportive GP? If so, it may be an idea to go and see them to talk through what was found during your lap etc and what may happen next. You will also get a follow-up appointment with you gynae who will go through this with you and should discuss a treatment plan with you, but that may take a few weeks to come through but phone his secretary to chase it up.

As for whether you are now classed as disabled will completely depend on what was done during your lap and what this means longterm for you. This will always be looked at on an individual basis and you would need all the details and treatment plan from your gynae first, but just having surgery for endo (however extensive) typically does not mean that you are automatically now "disabled". Typically it can be very difficult for endo sufferers to get any disability benefits etc, even when they are 99% bed ridden! Its one of the big problems for endo sufferers unfortunately.

Unfortunately its early days for you at the moment but I would talk it through with my GP and chase up my gynae for an action plan! x


Thank you for replying i was having a hard time getting my head around it all i just felt the hospital had confirmed my fears n tossed me out in a mess

Im feeling more positive today and although its not ideal i have a reason for all the pain n distress n i can fight my endometriosis now i know that's what it is plus Im hoping it will help with getting fertility treatment as I've been confirmed as having a tube blocked after ttc for 4 years (fingers crossed) Im hoping with adequate pain relief i can finish my degree and get a grip on my health n the affect its had on my life and with confirmation of endometriosis maybe even have a better chance at the child myself and my partner long for xxx


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