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Preparing for fifth surgery

I often find reading others blog's useful and interesting and they help me realise the extent of my Endometriosis and give myself a bit of a break as I have never really allowed myself to accept how debilitating this illness is. It took me 16 years to get diagnosed and I have had four surgeries in six years.

I had my fourth laparoscopy in December for severe Endometriosis when I had my left ovary removed along with extensive Endometriosis, Adenymosis and adhesions. During my recovery I found my health was not improving and in fact was getting worse. I found this forum really helpful and also found out about an Endometriosis Centre in my county purely by accident. I asked (told!) my GP to refer me after discovering that cases such as mine should be referred to one of these Endometriosis Centres. There has been nothing particularly wrong with my consultant other than not getting anywhere and being constantly ill despite trying every kind of treatment. What I now realise is that he should really have admitted defeat and referred me to a specialist.

I saw the specialist at the end of April and during an internal ultrasound he found a further area of extensive Endo that appears to have not been discovered, despite the four laparoscopies! He believes it may also be in my bowel and because of this I am now waiting for my next surgery within 8 months of the last. I will have my first MRI on my pelvis (this should have been done years ago before surgeries) and see a colorectal specialist before discussing surgical options with my new consultant.

I suppose my message is really for you all to remember that you know your body better than anyone and to continue to push for the treatment and consultations that you deserve. I wait with a mixture of fear and excitement for my next surgery as this time it will be performed by people who know what to look for and how to remove it. What is the most amazing feeling is to have medical professionals to listen and understand what you are going through.

I'll keep you posted ladies and keep well x

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I'm really happy to hear you're getting somewhere with a great gynae. I also went to a specialist centre and am now awaiting surgery. Best of luck x


Thank you for sharing your story. It def gives us all encouragement to keep fighting our corner and get the treatment we are entitled to! It is great that you are being listened to and in great hands. I hope the 5th op goes well for you, the recovery is speedy and it gives you some relief from the nightmare that is endo! Best wishes x


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