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please help

I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo and was told my only hope of conceiving was through IVF so I made an appointment with the fertility clinic and had a scan done and they told me I had a large cyst on my left ovary ideally the cyst should be removed as the ovary may not respond to treatment so I had a laparotomy , When I went for a follow up appointment he told me my tubes looked healthy but both my ovaries has cysts on them so the had to take part of both ovaries away .

Its been a year now since my operation and still not conceived i'm due to see my gynae on Tuesday for a scan to see if the endo has returned but i'm a bit confused am I producing enough eggs is there anything else I can try before going for IVF just wondered if anyone else has had a similar situation?? xx

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Hi there,

I would of thought the best thing for you to do is have an AMH blood test which basically shows your ovarian egg reserve and I'm sure they would do this before sending you for IVF anyway. Have you and your partner had any fertility tests? I would have thought they would have tested your AMH after the op. I have just recently had a laparotomy for stage 4 endometriosis and when I had my follow up appointment on Saturday my consultant basically said there is a 1 in 3 chance that the op would have either improved my AMH, it would have staying the same or made it worse, if its improved he suggested we try naturally for 3 months but if its stayed the same (mine was very low anyway) or got worse then we should start IVF straight away.

Remember endometriosis an grow back so although IVF might not be your preferred route it might be best to go for it when things are still quite clear.

Try going on the fertility friends website you might find more advice on there.

Take care.



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