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Frustrated and fed up


Hi guys sorry rant time, none of my friends suffer with endo so can't really talk to them and make them understand... Had lap 2 weeks ago had endo removed off my ovaries and coil fitted. Was in agony and after bein discharged was re admitted the day after due to severe stomach pains and period cramps worse than I have ever known... The hospital said I had a colt round my belly button and a severe water infection... I'm startin to feel on the mend....just after people's opinions on the coil as I know it takes a while to work but I'm literally doubled up with cramps again...had 2 weeks off work already and think ill need a further week but I don't get sick pay and I'm a single mum. I'm really worried that this isn't going to calm down and iv gone through all the lap and its just goin to be the same 2 wks off every mth before and during my period... Work wont b understanding and patient for much longer.

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To be honest honey I had 4 weeks off, and even then only went back part time for a few more weeks. Some ladies need 6 weeks off.

Even though you are on the mirena it needs a while to kick in and the first period post-op is a cow! After the first few weeks i started feeling more normal and then had a period and was back to square one! I thought I had had the worst periods possible before, but then the post-lap one made the others look like a walk in the park!

I'm sure someone will be along soon to advise how long the mirena actually takes on average.

Good luck, hope you feel better soon x

Hi personally I wouldn't touch a coil, I have heard so many mixed things about them. It's defo not for me. A friend of mine had the mirena and since her periods have gone all over the place, having no problems before. They can cause prolapse and other problems. I am sure there are 'kinder' things that we can use, sorry. X

I had the coil fitted 2 years ago, and although it hasn't stopped the growth of endo it has slowed it down (I have an agressive type of endo). It took about a year for the coil to work properly where I have no periods and I did get about 6-8 months pain free.

But just remember everyone is different. I had a investigive lap (where they just looked didn't take anything) 6 weeks ago and I need 3 weeks off work to recover and to be honest I has took me another 3 weeks to build up my musles again so I can do the hovering without being in so much pain. Although on the outside it doesn't look like much on the inside you have had major cuts. If you were stabbed you wouldn't expect a fast recovery.

Just give it some time and start doing things slowly. Good look with your recovery



You should contact your local job centre or citizens advice bureau as you should be able to get stat sick pay at least... worth a call. Its not a lot of money but at least a bit will help. I needed 4 weeks after my lap and then went back part time.. You have to be patient with your body as we all heal at different rates.



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