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Diet change and Consultant Appointment

So I have now been to the Consultant and he has given me some more Painkillers to take and a diet plan and exercise advice, he has said that he doesn't want to do anymore surgery at the moment as it makes things worse in the long run which I am trying to understand but when your feeling crappy all the time id do and take anything just to feel a tad normal for a while.

My GP has given me some stronger tablets for my migraines and has said if they don't work they will send me to see a Neurologist to see if they can help but I have been told that the coil and Endo do cause miagranes so I have to except this is part of it.

I am due to have my coil out at the end of the year so he is going to take it out and do a lap and do a complete clean as myself and my husband are going to try for a baby but I would be lying if I didn't say that this itself scares me, the thought of will I get pregnant and having the coil out and what the endo will be like if I don't get pregnant and how I will cope does scare me, the consultant has said that he feels this would really help the endo as when you are pregnant it really helps with it.

So I am now going to try and take his advice, he has said I have to try and except that my immunity and general health wont be great and there will be times when I feel horrible and need to be at home, but it's so hard as Im sure you all understand, having constant pain and feeling so horrible and it effecting every part of your life, but I am trying to be more upbeat about it and be positive. I have such an amazing husband and family that are with me through the bad times (of which there are alot) and I couldn't ask for me support.

I have also visted the CAB which have given me some advice about financial support and my current work situation which has been good to know. My manager is cancelling any meetings that are set up to try and help me so I feel I am being left with no choice but to take things further with a grievance but I just fear that this is the beggining of me losing my job.

I just want to see a bit of light at the end of what feels like a lifelong tunnel at the moment.

Does anyone have any advice on whether diet and exercise really make a big difference?

Your comments would be great.

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I was diagnosed with endo last year and had the mirena fitted at the same time as my lap. I felt worse after surgery and ended up back in hospital a few times.

I was prescribed all kinds of pain killers, anti inflamatory tablets and provera. None of which I felt helped and didn't like the thought of long term pain relief.

I felt desperate so I thought I'd try gluten free for 4 weeks to see if that made a difference. (I thought the full endo diet would be too restrictive). After a week an half of gluten free, I was pain relief free, off the provera and hadn't felt that good in months if not years.

I still get the odd bit of pain, but it is so much easier to cope with when it isn't constant. I was able to have a full nights sleep, work full time, study for professional exams and even start going back to the gym after a year off.

I didn't expect gluten free to work, but I was so desperate I had to try it. I couldn't believe the difference.

I know everyone is different and it may not work, but I would recommend giving it a try.

Fleur x



I am finding it too hard to exercise generally but diet is helping I'm sure.

I have cut out all the things we are advised to. I am vegan so I was eating a lot of soya until I was diagnosed a few weeks ago.

Within 3 days of cutting out wheat and soya my pain reduced .

I don't know which caused more but I ate wheat last Sunday in a mardy strop & felt worse the next day.

I eat lots of raw super foods & try eat lots of natural endorphin uppers .

I hope this helps a little.

Though it is on no dietary info I've read , an Instagram endo pal told me that cranberry juice is also bad & I have stopped drinking that too. Also noticing the difference.

X Christel


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