How soon after Lap can PAIN from returning endo begin

I had mild endo removed by Lap and then after the first week, was pain free for weeks ...until I had my first period and now I am in mild pain ever since. I know it can technically grow back from the first period after Lap, but surely it can't be causing pain this early? Especially as mine was only mild? Thanks x

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  • Hi! It could be that your body is still healing and that's what ye pain is. I had my lap 7 weeks ago and only had a few spots just outside my uterus and I'm still in pain. But my period wasn't any worse than my usual pain since the lap so I'm assuming its not the endo and just the area healing. Is your pain more localised now? As now I can feel exactly where the pain is originating (which is we're endo has een lasered) whereas before the pain was all over the pelvis. Xx

  • Hiya Sally - yeah the pelvic pain is just in one place since the lap instead of all over the pelvis like before the lap. The endo was in pouch of douglas and also the left uterosacral ligament which goes from back of womb to the tailbone area, hence why one of my smptoms was this rectal pain. Its just with having hardly any rectal pain for 3wks after the lap, and now since the period, rectal pain is it maybe cos hormones making it more sensitive and painful when its healing? I hope so! I can't see it being endo coming back and causing this pain within 4wks from having the lap, cos I know I'd had endo for 3yrs minimum before it became painful and it was only classed as mild when found. It just waiting isn't it, to see what happens, but it's worrying to go through the lap and hoping that it resolves it, and still getting pain. Arrrrgh! I wish I was a man lol! Hope your pain gets better soon Sally x

  • Hey girls, i had my lap in november and have no relief at all. I had severe endo, ovaries stuck to bowel, endo on pouch of douglas, cervix and vagina. Had most removed but still left with a little. My right ovary has deep rooted endo deposits so it cant be removed surgically and tried hormone treatments but the severe side effects i will no longer do any of the treatments. I have had periods after my lap and they are no better, the bleeding was slightly lighter but the pain is still intense. :( Im bak at my gynae in june so im afraid it can still cause alot of problems after. xx

  • Hi Lynnie - I'm sorry to hear that - it sounds like you've had a rough time of it, with it being so severe. Mine was just 2 small spots, one on the pouch of douglas, and the other on the ligament which was all removed, thank goodness and the period itself was a LOT painful as was the ovulation which was as bad as the period before the Lap! I go back to the surgeon who did the lap in 3months from now so I'll give it more time, as other people have said on here, its probably just healing, as the pelvic pain is less that before the lap. Hope you can sort something out with the gnae, x.

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