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Bringing a ray of sunshine

Hi guys hope your all well

Cut a long story short I found out that my daughters teaching assistant has endo too., in our last convo she mentioned it getting a little better in the summer. I have now realized that the last couple of days ( it has been lovely weather) the pain has become bearable and well controlled with pain killers, just wanted to see if the same was with the rest of you. I am still dread next week as its the week before my periods but I will let you know if that is as worse as usual.

Also I have received a date for my lap its on the 24th june .....If anyone has a question i should ask on my pre op assessment please let me know

hope your all well

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Hi amera. When I read this post I thought you were writing about me. I am a TA and today I was telling my colleagues that yesterday was truly a fabulous day. For weeks now I've been anxious, low in mood , constant pain , fatigued and a general moaner. :( Monday,I had a spring in my step I cleaned windows , unheard of , stripped beds, dusted, and spent all day gardening and DIY with other half. Nothing more than a miracle all on one ibuprofen 600mg until bedtime when I only had 2 paracetamol!! The sun has certainly worked its charm with me. Long may it stay. Ha, rain tomorrow back to dull drums lol xxx hope your feeling good too and others have reaped the benefit! J x


I breast feed and should remember to take my supplements, but often don't. However I have a fab Vit D drop supplement, and when I do remember to take it my levels of fatigue drop noticably. I have a toddler so I am plumbing new depths of exhaustion. But this makes perfect sense to me.


makes sense to me too, moved mountains in the garden yday, was up at 8 and worked through till 7pm. Hadn't felt so good in ages. Had an ovary removed in October, that is when endo was discovered, had clusters removed and my bowel was attached to my womb, am still undergoing treatment since my op, have been tested for MS, Lupus, BIH, am having blood tests to check iron and B12 levels tomorrow.


Urgh.. Rain is back the dull drums are back the meds are up. Please bring back that Ray of sunshine :/


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