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Does this sound like endo?

Hi I have been having some pain in my right ovary for quite a while now. I went to the doctor and he referred me for a transvaginal ultrasound. The results of that came back normal so it is not a cyst or cancer.

I have been recording my pain and it seems to come when I would be ovulating (although I am not as I am on the pill) and slightly during my period. Although mostly my period pain is similar to how it has always been - the ovary pain is a recent addition.

The pain seems to be mostly in my right ovary but I occasionally get the same pain on the other ovary and some other twinges nearby. The pain feels like a pressure - as if someone is pushing on my abdomen from the inside.

Does this seem like endo to all of you with experience? I am planning to go back to the doctor soon.

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Would also like to add I have also thought I have had a lot more flatulence recently too, but no other bowel problems.


I think an ovulation pain is quite normal, I started to get it in my late twenties, but friends and family have mentioned they experience ovulation pain. If pain is only at that time and a bit on period maybe just keep an eye on it, keep a diary of bleeding times and how long pain lasts. My periods have always been quite bad since the age of ten, they always stopped me doing things during that week. Ten years ago they got much worse and I planned a lot of life and work around them, five years ago I couldn't plan anything as they were so irregular and I'd be in bed with them they were so bad. I finally went to my doc just over two years ago as i was in a lot of daily pain, and would experience full on labour pains when on period, had all the usual scans and tests etc etc, I had fibroids, cysts, large ovarian cysts but they still never believed me and said nothing really abnormal. Two months ago I finally had a lap and was diagnosed with severe endo, ovaries stuck together and to my bowel, womb stuck to bowel and bladder, but yet none of this showed up on scans, even MRI scan. So yes just keep an eye on things, you know your own body xx


Thanks for your reply. I thought it was ovulation pain at first and that is what the lady who did my ultrasound suggested, but then realised it couldn't be ovulation pain as I am the pill and therefore not ovulating!

I wanted the doctor to say it was a simple cyst so I had an explanation and so I would know it wasn't anything worse! I am really scared of the fertility implications of endo.


Do you know what your next stage of investigation is? I can't really comment on the whole pill thing/no ovulating as its something I don't know anything about I'm afraid. I have no idea how long I've had endo, I'm 41 now, and have been told I was lucky I had my children young, so from that I would assume I've had it a long time and that had I left having children til my mid 30's or later then I wouldn't probably wouldnt been able to have had children. Go with your gut instinct though, keep pushing for what you want, hopefully you don't have it and there is some other explanation for these pains, sometimes initial scans can be wrong, I wish I didn't have it, it was the one thing I didn't want to be diagnosed with, even though I have kids, but I'm now on waiting list for hysterectomy along with ovaries, so instant menopause for me :( xx


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