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Lap before my next IVF?



I am thinking about when to have my next IVF cycle, I had a failed cycle in March and I've been very sad and low ever since. Feeling slightly better at the mo though. I had a lap last September and now I'm wondering whether a lap will improve success rate next time round. There appears to be conflicting evidence as to whether that helps.

Do you have an opionon or knowledge on this? i.e both on when to do the next one and whether laps before IVF help. I was a poor responder.

Thanks xxx

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Hi there,

I know for sure that the statistics show that after a lap some women get pregnant quite soon (if everything more or less ok) but I dont know the research on this for IVF.

As for when to have a lap, this is something you need to discuss with your endo gynae. he/she is the one to advise you what is best, and of course how you feel. It all depends where endo is, if tubes are blocked etc. x

Sorry I didnt help a lot but you definitely need medical advise on this and of course to sit down and think about it maybe with your partner too. x


yeah, my partner pretty much approves with everything I decide and doesn't have a lot of opinions on what I should do with my endo. We're kind of feeling that doing it soon-ish might be good but we also think I might not be ready mentally, we're moving in Sept so will have to change jobs so it might be good to do it one more time while I'm in my current job.

I sometimes wish that I was psychic and could predict the future! or just have someone tell me what to do, I moved last year so changed doctors and just feel like different doctors say different things.

I feel like my endo is returning, shortly after my second lap I had a chemichal which made me think that maybe my endo is interfering but yeah I need some good medical advice. My tubes weren't blocked the last time they checked but I've got a lot of endo on my ovaries the right one in particular. In my last IVF that ovary responded very poorly to the stims. The left one responded better.

The thing with the service where I had my last IVF is that they're a private firm and I kind of feel like they just want my money. My NHS gyno doesn't have time for me and basically just says that the only thing that might work for me is IVF so I'm a bit despondent. But I have an appointment with my NNHS gyno the 11th of May and maybe he'll be amazing and suggest something really good.

Thanks for your help



After reading your post, I wanted you to know I had exactly the same decision as you. I had IVF last year, and was a poor responder, they continued the cycle but ended up putting back 2 embryos which already started fragmenting and it was no surprise that they didn't survive. When we went for our review, they didn't really give us any explanation what went wrong and were very pushy for us to do it again. As we were self funding and so many things went wrong during our cycle we weren't convinced and comments from our IVF consultant such as you wouldn't have sex once and give up!! Left us with very little trust in him and we were convinced he only wanted our money!! So we made the decision to have a laparoscopy and try naturally. I had a course of prostrap after the lap and my cycle has only just returned to normal. Question myself every day whether we did the right thing but I really don't think I could go through the emotional roller coaster again. I hope that we made the right decision, but my endo pain is getting worse and I don't know how much longer we have to still be benefitting from the lap. Sorry I don't have any answers for you, I really think only you can make the decision. But I wanted you to know its normal to feel sad after a failed cycle and that there are lots of us out here to talk to. I wish you lots of look in whatever you decide and hopefully you will have some good news soon.

Hi the only knowledge i have on this is from my cousin who is an endo sufferer like us. She has had one successful Ivf after lap, and one failed ivf with no lap.

The consultant this time round has had her in for a lap before she starts her Ivf in June?

So we will know more in a few weeks but with her experience the ivf worked with the lap and didnt work without?

Hope this helps x

Thank you Eva09 and Katie20 for your answers, great to know that this is what worked for your cousin Katie20. My cousin also has endo and had her ivf at the same time as me and she´s now pregnant. Her first and only lap was over a year ago.

Eva09 your experience sounds so similar to mine, my embie was also fragmented. I've read a study that says that for women with mild to moderate endo, lap can be as good as IVF. I totally agree with you, IVF is incredibly hard and I think it might take me a while to be ready for another one. I think that you have to be truly ready for an IVF and maybe it was better for you to try naturally than go for another one and not be ready.. Good luck xx

We're about to be in a similar situation... I'm very fortunate in that I have a little girl who is now 3 she took 13months to conceive, we've been ttc for 2 years now and my endo was considerably worse than before I had my little girl. I've had 2 laps, and after the last one the surgeon has given me a 6 month optimum window in which to ttc, as we'll be self funding too, we're going to try for 3 months naturally before embarking on our first round of IVF. I'm also now doing acupuncture and have started the endo diet too, to give ourselves the best possible chance of making this happen. I'm really scared about IVF, I don't know what to expect, how to choose a clinic, whether it will work, (I'm not sure we can afford more than one cycle!) how we'll feel if it doesn't, etc, etc....

The only research I've come accross is this

An american study that showed a significant uplift for couples opting for IVF immediately after a lap, when they'd previously had a failed lap....

Best of luck, I hope you have a successful next round and you get strong enough to take the next step.



Thank you girls, you're so helpful and I really appreciate that you are answering my question. I often feel alone but you're making me fell less alone :)

I know I don't have the best experience of IVF but I actually found the bit up to the egg transfer to be relatively easy, I just wasn't prepared for my eggs to be like they were.

My cousin has endo and hers is stage 4 and her eggs were fine and she got pregnant the first time she did IVF. My doctor said that women who have been pregnant before have a better chance so I´m positive on your behalf.

I totally know what you're talking about when you say it's hard to find a clinic, I just go on the hfea website to check sucess rates and then I browse forums on fertilityfriends etc. I've also been looking into egg sharing, I would love to help other women and it gets you discount as well but I might have one more go and if that doesn't work do eggsharing.

Good luck to you aswell, take care, hugs xxx

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