Abdo and transvaginal ultrasound advice needed?

I had a abdo and transvaginal ultrasound today. The sonographer said the abdo one looked completely normal but with the transvaginal ultrasound she didn't say anything! It seemed to take ages and she took loads of pictures. She said to book an appointment with my go in a weeks time though she didnt say it all looked normal or that anything looked wrong! I'm really worrying now and I wish I had asked more questions. I am also awaiting blood tests back which my gp ordered as we are TTC! She suspects endometriosis due to difficulty conceiving and my symptoms! To be honest what ever it may or may not be I'm so frightened that I won't be able to have children! Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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  • Hi when I had my scans I felt the same as she was very quiet I asked if it all looked normal and she said she was just taking a while to find both ovaries and taking pics but couldn't see any problems so was just making sure she had lots of pics. So don't panic if she didn't say anything then probably didn't have anything to tell you. I had lots of tests before finally having a lap as all tests were clear as endo won't show up. I know waiting is horrible but unfortunately there's a lot of waiting inbetween tests scan etc. I have endo and am awaiting my follow up appointment to see what will happen next as had my lap 5 weeks ago and still got another 3 week's before I can discuss the results, its been a long wait. There are many ladies with endo that get pregnant some need a little help with it but it is possible. When I had my lap they did a dye test on my tubes too so they may suggest doing this too to check your tubes are clear and that there's no other reason why you haven't fallen pregnant. Good luck with the doctors and try not to worry. X

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