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Is leg cramps and pain normal with Endo or can this be because of my pill

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Lots of love to you. Yes it is all normally for endo but I noticed in your other post that you have had surgery recently. It can be everything heating too. Go to your doctor and get something for the pain and hopefully they will let the gynaecologist know your still experiencing problems. You could even contact the gynaecologist department directly now your under their care. Done suffer at home, tell them and get something to control the pain. Let me know if you need to talk. Xx


Thank you so much for replying I am in bits my lower back pain and leg pain feel like 90 not 19 I can't get out of bed am so depressed I can't go to work don't know what to do can this be recovery pain as just had my first period X


I honestly couldn't say but i suspect it is. I just had a lap and it took 6 weeks to recover. That was without anything being removed. So it will take a couple months for things to settle down.

Have you tried codine. That's what works best for me when my back is sore, but a lot of people can't take it because it causes constipation. You can get nurophen with codine in boots and may be worth a try over the weekend until you can see your doctor. Also a saving grace is an electric heat pad. You will get one in argos. Plug it in and keep it on your lower back. That will work wonders. One day you will feel better. Also I find going for a walk helps. I know it's the last thing you want to do but honestly it will help you feel a bit brighter. Ask you mum or a friend to walk into the centre with you for coffee then have a rest for an hour and walk back. Force yourself to get out of bed and the pain won't be as bad, I promise. Let me know how you feel later on?

Iv heard that a couple of hospitals in Glasgow are quite good with endo so hopefully you had one of the good ones. There is also a support group in Glasgow for endo ladies. Someone might meet with you for coffee and moan. Would you like me to find out a name for you?

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