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Endo must haves

Hi ladies just wondering whats the one thing you have to have with endometriosis.

Mine is a hot water bottle. 🤗


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Hi, dear! Should say that I've had a warm bottle by my side for some time. It helped but not for long :( Besides my doc told me with new circumstances it would be better for me to avoid it as this could worsen my swollen ovaries..

Now I'm trying yoga. Of course not like an addict, but a normal girl wanting to get rid of pain.. and no warm bottle..

All the best, hugs x

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The hot wheat pack is my new best friend.

And this blog site when i cant sleep and my husband has had enough of hearing about endo!

My banana lounge where i try to get sun on the belly most days.vitamin d helps inflammation.

Umm hot shower

Dr phil at lunchtime cause theres gotta be someone worse off right lol????

My once weekly massage i live for this as im 11 weeks post op

Kind regards


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