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Bowel spasms?

Hello all!

I had lap surgery to remove extensive endo and adhesions 4 weeks ago. I also had a hysteroscopy and the surgeon fitted a Mirena. I bled and cramped for about 2 weeks. Then for 1 week i felt great. As of yesterday though I've been having the most excruciating pain. It seems to be coming from my bowel. It's as if it's filling with air. The pain is becoming unbearable...to the point i am almost collapsing. I saw my surgeon yesterday and he seemed unfazed. He said there was no endo on my bowel and its probably some intestine spasms. I thought maybe i was a little constipated - but everything is coming out ok but just so painful. I'm getting pain every hour (sometimes every few minutes) is worse than labour. Is this normal? Has anyone else experienced this?

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Hi. Sorry I can't anewer your questions. I went to see a gynecologist about a month ago and he suspected I have adenomyosis and endometriosis. His treatment plan for me was to have a laporoscopy to diagnose and treat endometriosis and a hysteroscopy and mirena for the adenomyosis. I am still considering about the whole treatment plan coz I am worried I end up with more problems than I started with (like what you have described). My pain is not that bad. I am not sure if I want to do anything about it yet. Can you tell me what were your symptoms and why did you have a laporoscopy, hysteroscopy and mirena?