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Introduction/Quick Question

Hi there, Health Unlockeders!! {Hmm, is that even a word?!} My name is Adelyn & I'm 22. I've had asthma & allergies/hayfever most of my life.

I have a quick question for you all, although I'm not sure l'll be able to ask it in a way that actually makes sense, so if you all look at me with a face displaying utter confusion, I'll know that it didn't make any sense whatsoever hehe! Here goes! So, at the beginning of my asthma attacks, when my chest starts to tighten, it feels sort of tickly, and as though it's a lot harder to breathe out, but I can still seem to breathe in fairly fine, I just breathe a lot faster. I usually cough a lot during an attack, and as it worsens, it feels like air isn't getting out at all, and then I also have a lot more trouble breathing in, due to the coughing etc. I'm just going to note here, that I never, ever, ever wheeze. Well, maybe once or twice, but hardly ever, that I can hear/feel at least. Anyway, it gets to the point where I can't get any air out, and I can't get any in, although I'm sure that's mostly due to the fact that there's no room left in there. My main question is, does this sound like a typical attack, as I know a lot of the time, people say that they feel like they can't get air in when their chest tightens, but getting it out is fine?? Whereas, for me, the coughing makes it extremely hard to breathe in, but breathing out feels almost impossible, not so much the breathing in.

Ahh, very sorry for the huge ramble!! This is something I have wondered about for a while, and thought that this might be the place to ask. Hopefully my question does somewhat make sense, and once again, I apologize for the essay of a question!! Very much looking forward to meeting you all!! xx

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Hi Adelyn

I am having new investigations for new symptoms but 20 years ago as a result of smoking relentlessly for the previous 40 years contrary to all good advice and even my own disgust (I am a genuine nicotine addict; in remittance) In the end my body gave up I had 2 'attacks' exactly as you describe. I was lucky to survive the first, the second was at my elder daughter's graduation ceremony with oxygen close by. Very traumatic and it certainly stopped me smoking. As far as I know I am not asthmatic although 20 years ago I was treated as such and the inhalers nearly killed me. Both times were at the time of year when there is a lot of tree pollen in the air (August then May) I suspect that is the cause of my current problem as I now live by a country park.

It may be worth seeking an allergy test. I hope you can get help and that you are able to remain calm during the attacks.


I have asthma and exthma (I think I have spelt this wrongly) and a short time ago I completely blacked out, I cut my head which would not stop bleeding and was taken into hospital. They said I should not stand as they found that if I sat or payed down my blood presure was normal, but if I stood for any amount of time my blood presure would drop and this was the cause of the blackout

I seem to remember that in her late teens my daughter suffered from blackouts when she was standing, and on one accasion it took so long to bring her round she was taken into hospital, no action was taken by them, and was told to see her doctor, but he couldn't explain it.

Has anyone suffered the same way? I now sit down for 5 -10 mins. between standingAt the sink etc. which seems to do the trick.


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