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Hyper mobility tips

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Hi everyone I hope you’re all well

I suffer from fibro and hyper mobility and all my joints are hugely affected.

I am really struggling with pain management especially with my new job. My employer is not supportive or understanding and I am not sure how long I can bare the pain and lack of support.

Currently I’m really struggling with managing the pain in my shoulders, hips and ankles if anyone has any tips they would be much appreciated!

I use wrist supports for my wrists but greatly struggle to support any other joints

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Have you asked your employer for an occupational health assessment? acas.org.uk/using-occupatio...

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egm123 in reply to cyberbarn

I am only there temporarily so unfortunately they don’t have enough care for that

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completecareshop.co.uk/sear.... I use Neo-G for my wrists and was recently looking at their shoulder supports. I am hyper-mobile not E-DS but thought I would pass on x

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I have hEDS and hip and neck/upper back pain. If you can, a specialized physical therapist can be transformative. I see you are in the UK and there is at least one amazing PT in London who specializes in hypermobility (Jason Parry). I'm still trying to find the right combo for the neck/shoulder pain but he completely fixed my hip pain (after 10 years of living with it). I've also found a HUGE correlation between food additives (all of them) and my pain and fatigue levels. I hope some of this might help.

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