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I have pots but this is new for me, has anyone experienced anything similar?


My heart rate is normally between 30 and 130 and the last few days it has been going between 25 to 270, it can be really high one minute and then it will just settle down really quick.

My sats are also a little low at times, around 90 and keep on dipping into the 70’s but I’m only a little short of breath and I also feel like my heart is being squeezed.

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Hi, I have POTs. I manage it with bisoprolol and fludrocortisoneit sounds like you need to see a specialist..

Hi, I’m also on fludrocortisone and sodium tablets too which has helped a lot over the last few years but for some reason, my body’s just gone a bit haywire over the last few days.

Unfortunately I don’t have a specialist at the moment, so I might need to get one but it will probably take a while at the moment 😅

My pots is really well managed but if I get unwell or get an infection but makes it flare up. Just a thought.

PoTS can be manageable to a point with meds hydration and some exercise, but everyone that’s got it has unique symptoms and therefore responds differently to treatment, no one size fits all unfortunately, hope you have a consultant with the expertise to help you

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