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Pulsating artery

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I keep noting a pulsating artery in my hand, it’s very worrisome. What do y’all think about it? Veins don’t pulsate, so I know it’s an artery.


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I know nothing about this but my veins in my hands pulsate all the time . Well at least I thought they did . Maybe it is an artery. Anyways they get kind of hot and the pulsating hurts a lot. I have notice if I put my hands above my head the veins or whatever get smaller and stop hurting . They gave me a medicine called diltiazem xl that has really helped with my Raynauds and has also helped that . It is not gone but so much better. Maybe check that out if it sounds the same . Do you have reynauds phenomenon also ? I think the medication is a calcium channel blocker . That is the only one that worked for me but I had to start off very small and work my way up to I think 125mg now . Worth a try asking your doc !

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