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Undiagnosed, Please help

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Starting with neck pain, I went to visit a chiropractor. The day the pain went away, I started having something similar to absence seizures accept I was able to come out of it (muscle weakness, staring, extreme brain fog) I cant walk down stairs without my legs shaking and sometimes walking normal is difficult. Throughout the last year I have noticed that it starts with a grey out ( I don't pass out completely) then followed by extreme weakness of my body, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to temperature, difficulty breathing, swallowing... I had a neurologist rule out everything and send e on my way, then a endocrinologist, I went to the ER today in the middle of an episode, EKG was normal, bloodwork normal, next step is Cardio... Anyone have something similar?? Thank you for any help

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Hi Tannette

I had similar symptoms esp muscle weakness , shaking of legs while going up and down the stars and feeling of faint while walking . Strange feeling of dizziness which is more like lightheadedness . I was unable to carry on any normal activities which I used to do before these episodes . It’s been 7 months and I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue syndrome after I had lots of blood tests , nerve conduction test, MRIs of brain , spine , neck everything was either in normal range or if it was not the cause of m symptoms.

I actually had to go to my home country for most of the investigations as there was long wait of 3 months to see the neurologist. I was given course of steroids for 1 month and many supplements to increase energy levels which did work and I have been able to recover 80%

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I ended up diagnosing myself with botox poisoning. When I looked back at the time line (I had worked for a dermatologist who injected all the girls) it all made sense. I looked up studies and support groups. These people had all the same symptoms. I have been able to detox most of it but still having some issues. I don't love the diagnosis chronic fatigue because it doesn't tell us what the reason is, more a title for the symptoms. Good luck with continued healing!!

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