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What actually is rest?

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I still work and have been advised to take lots of rest breaks to recharge through the day. Sounds simple enough but i dont know what rest is. I am always in my car or in a busy office/meeting. Any ideas of things i can try when out and about?

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Hi there. When I am at work I take myself off to a quiet spot and have a cup of tea, and take at least ten minutes. Sometimes I take a book of poetry and read a poem to help slow me down. Good luck x

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Hi, Just wondering how you're doing? my daughter is struggling at the moment, she's 37.

what works for you? kindest regards Maggie.

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Suzlj in reply to magdar

To be honest I really haven't found "my thing" yet. When at home i listen to a podcast or music and do some colouring in. When i have quiet i listen to music in headphones loudly, shut my eyes and picture the music. If you remember the old desktop screensaver which produced wavy lines etc. Sorry it is difficult to explain. At work I'm finding it impossible. I now work in an open plan office when not doing face to face meetings and find it too hard to zone out. Still trying (and mostly failing) to work it out

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Melamolis in reply to Suzlj

Hi Suzlj, like you I found it impossible to rest at work, though have heard of others who requested a quiet room be put aside for then where they could rest whenever needed. In my job that was not possible.

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magdar in reply to Suzlj


I’m sorry to hear you’re still struggling, well done to be still working, that’s a real achievement. 👍

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Hi Suzlj, so sorry that you're struggling to find opportunities to rest at work. I'm unsure where you live in the world (are you in the UK) and whether you are aware that under UK law you are entitled to adjustments in the workplace to allow you to manage your illness. Have you told your employer what is happening? Do HR know? Have you asked for a review with them? Have you asked for Occupational Health to be involved? If, after you have done all of this you could try contacting your nearest Remploy office or just go to the Head Office in Leicester. They will be able to build on the above advice for you and depending on the specific situation they can advocate for you. Good luck

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Suzlj in reply to PDat67

I am in the uk. My employer knows but occ health were not helpful. I was told to either cut my hours and go part time or get a new job! Given I trained my entire adult life to qualify I am not prepared to abandon it and financially I can't afford to cut my hours any further. I am aware of the legal side (i think!) But i need to adjust to the fact I may need to use them.

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